Meet With People For Mutual Encouragement Essay

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1) Meet with people for mutual encouragement. Meeting with others to help build them up and so that you too may also be encouraged in your faith is important. A Biblical life is not one that can be easily be lived in isolation but must instead be shared and enjoyed with others. In my life this looks like being involved in a small group of women, having individual friends I meet or check-in with on a weekly basis, and having a mentor. While these people and relationships change over time, it is important to be engaged with people who will encourage you and who you can in turn encourage.
2) Listen more than you speak. When interacting with others, it is important to listen to what they have to say. I often find myself planning what to say next instead of truly listening to what someone is saying. I also find myself interrupting or trying to talk over someone in order to have the opportunity to share my thoughts. In conversation I can make getting my own point across a priority, and it can be frustrating to me if I can’t share something I want to. However, when in engaging in conversation, my priority needs to be on listening to others and not trying to get my point across. Through that, I can begin to care more deeply for other by engaging more intentionally with them.
3) Plan time for fun with others with no agenda. While having a time to specifically delve into each other’s lives and spiritual health is important, there is also a place for spending time with others…

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