Medicine Is The Perfect Blend Of Emotion And Academia Essay

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Stemming from my deep-rooted desire to aid humanity, medicine is the perfect blend of emotion and academia, combining what it means to be human with the intellectual and social skills needed to build relationships with patients and colleagues alike.

Through a range of work placements, I learnt how to approach life as a doctor. At a lead clinical neuromodulator centre at Guys’ & St Thomas’ Hospital, it has become clear to me that humanity’s view of medicine is the antithesis to reality. What truly lies beneath is the interaction and communication with patients. The most enlightening observation I made was in the paediatric ward and intensive care unit where one characteristic was evident: resilience. In spite of afflictions, their fighting spirit left me longing for the ward each day. The value of a doctor’s humanity was particularly clear to me when I needed to talk in an honest yet calm reassuring manner with patients and their families. I developed palpable approaches that kept them composed when conversing about such sensitive issues. There was one patient with whom I spoke with who accepted her enduring pain as an everyday part of her life. I voiced that pain, physical or otherwise, is an inevitable part of life. Regardless, we must remain positive when faced with adversity and prevent it from taking over. I found that my honesty and integrity gave us common ground, which we connected upon allowing me to build upon the psychological requisites required as a doctor. I…

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