Essay about Medical Options For Medical Treatment

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Despite what many might think, a patient 's right to refuse medical treatment has a very important meaning in the lives of many. People who have medical complications must learn to work with doctors and or surgeons in hospitals. With having the right to refuse medical treatment patients feel as if they have more power over their own health and future. Even though surgeons are qualified in making medical treatment decisions, patients should have the right to refuse medical treatment options. Patients should have the right to consider all medical options based on risk factors, success and effectiveness, and their living-will.
Before patients make a fast, irrational decision, they should take the time to consider risk factors of the surgery. Enduring surgery is already tough enough without being informed that there had been a complication (Wicclair, White 39). Sometimes the outcome of certain surgeries can be unpredictable, and every so often there happens to be cases where even surgeons themselves are not comfortable performing the procedure. Patients have to be able to make decisions using facts and statistics of previous outcomes. In that case, surgeons are permitted to refuse the wish of the patient by declining the surgery. In the conditions that the patient passes away in the operating room, the head surgeon will be accountable for their death (Wicclair, White 40). Although mistakes can be made by performing unfamiliar procedures, nearly all technological mistakes happen…

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