Essay about Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Medical Marijuana
Do the Benefits outweigh the Risks? Have you ever thought of marijuana as being a good drug for society and humans? Marijuana being used as a medicine is a topic that has been discussed for a few years now. Marijuana has long been thought of as a drug for people to get their next high, but now research shows it could be used for another purpose in life. Medical marijuana is providing benefits to patients who suffer from a variety of different diseases, both by decreasing disease symptoms and by stopping the adverse side effects of the various treatments. As a result, medical marijuana is improving a patient 's quality of life, and increasing positive responses to various treatments. I have to admit that I had my doubts about medical marijuana. I was in agreement with the majority of those that viewed medical marijuana as a negative factor in treatment. I thought that individuals would want medical marijuana approved by law to get their own personal high and abuse it just like many drugs are abused. I would hear about it on the news and never viewed it as something to help people, but my thoughts of medical marijuana changed quickly when I witnessed a loved one suffer from a debilitating disease that possibly could have lived his last days with some sort of relief if medical marijuana was legal.
The world as we know it suffers with many debilitating disease processes such as cancer. Cancer patients suffer from nausea, vomiting, and pain that sometimes…

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