Medical Life Structure Of Grey's Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy

If you are looking for a show that the whole family can enjoy that is full of excitement, drama, and comedy then Grey’s Anatomy is the show for you. Grey’s Anatomy is a splendid example of a modern medical drama with its easily relatable cast, dynamic plots and story line, and its use of modern medical technology. The show is based off the complex medical life experience of a young intern Meredith Grey at Seattle Grace Hospital in Washington. Throughout her internship Meredith starts to make friends with her intern team made up of Christina Yang, George O’Malley, Izzie Stevenson. Under the command of Miranda Bailey, the Attending General Surgeon, also known as the Nazi, due to her no play attitude. Throughout the episodes,
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This makes things harder for her because Shepherd is her boss. Most people can relate to Meredith due to their own struggles in life, such as starting a new job where you are unsure if this is the job for you or even starting high school were you not sure what group you fit in or what class you will excel at. The dynamic plots are expressed as in the first episodes were Meredith wakes next to a naked man that she is unsure who it is until she gets to work for her first day as an intern where she discovers that the mystery man is her boss. Throughout the episode things get more hectic when a little girl comes in with seizures that cannot be explained. When presented the problem Dr. Shepherd ask the interns to help him find the solution to the girls’ illness and through research and from lessoning the intricate details …show more content…
Anytime they are in radiology they use a magnetic resonance imaging to check for internal bleeding or even to check for tears in nerves or muscles, this helps the doctors decide what diagnosis the patient has as they do in real life. During the show if they are in the maternity ward or pediatric clinic they use the most up to date tools like an ultrasound or even a sonogram to check the states of the fetus. While in surgery the doctors keep up to date with new and impressive surgical techniques and with all these devices being use the show feels more real than most. The most unique surgery they have done was separating adult twins. With this dangerous procedure, the show keeps you on your feet and at the edge of your

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