Essay on Medical Information About A Young Age

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From a young age, I have learnt to become reliable and independent while caring for my grandparents. this including Make sure lamp cords or appliance wires are tucked safely against baseboards or snaked under rugs or otherwise taped down to prevent slips and falls , install grab bars in the bathroom for added security and for help with climbing into and out of a bathtub or shower ,Install non-skid strips or pads in the bathtub or shower as well as in front of the bathing area to help prevent falls.I involved in helping care of my elderly parents and made sure emergency phone list of doctors and who to call in an emergency, as well as medical information about the person, such as whether grandfather is a diabetic or Arrange a schedule for me or other family members or friends to help get grandma or grandpa to doctor 's appointments, pick up prescriptions or grocery shopping, cooking and do cleaning for my grandparents also need proper medication to remain healthy.
This begins with adequate medical care, such as doctor 's visits, dental care, foot care, eye care, physical therapy and psychiatric therapy, if needed. If they need assistance with taking their pills or giving themselves shots of insulin, a home-health nursing system may need to be added to their daily plan of care. Personal care is an important daily need for my grandparents . A home-health aide or another family member can help with these tasks, if necessary. one way that I emotionally connect with my…

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