Essay on Medical Case

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Medical Equipment INC. In Saudi Arabia – NOTES

DUE DATE: November 19, 2015

NEXT MEETING: November 2, 2015
· ANALYSIS: Primary CSR issue Diana & Yang o What is the primary issue reflected in the case?
• How to become Nr. 1 against a company who is already well established
• Competition probably uses some unethical measures (offering a bribe)
• Should he “counteract” and offer a flight to company’s showroom?
• Medical Equipment’s competitive advantage through the product but might get outpaced by bribery from Wilson’s

o What are the circumstances surrounding it?
• See above o What is management’s business/strategic objective as it seeks to address the issue?
• Bribe is not an option (Code of Conduct)
• Flying
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If so, why?
• Director: Lower priority at the beginning. Increase during time because…
• Functional departments: Priority decreased (Grover intensively prepared for the meetings with the functional departments because he thought that they are the ones who have to be convinced. Later figured out that he should rather focus on sales director.) o What do you think is the official view of bribery in Saudi Arabia?
To be determined.
· PLAN: Alternative courses of action Christoph o What are some proposals for addressing the issue that meet stakeholder concerns and company objectives? What are the pros and cons of each?
• Offer a trip
• Do bribery
• Do not react and hope that the product “speaks for itself”
• Approach the sales director and confront him with the assumption of being bribed
• Build relationship with sales director → future business o In making the decision, what might be some trade-offs, if any, to consider?
• bribery → not CoC
• TBD o What might be possible ‘unintended consequences’ or ‘externalities’ of each of the proposals?
• Trip: Sales director might from there on always expect a trip. Or even further….
• Trip: Misinterpretation
• TBD o How do your proposals address their varying interests?
• Bribery → affects sales director
• Trip → director
• Trip → Grover

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