Essay on Media 's Influence On Women 's Body Image

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Mass Media’s portrayal of unattainable body ideals are seen everywhere in the media. Women’s magazines, television, books, movies, social media and advertisements all use bodies to display what beauty should look like. The mass media is the most powerful way to spread images of these sociocultural ideals. Two of most leading ideals spread by the media is society 's ideal of beauty and attraction. Although the media affects both men and women, I’ll be explaining how the media concretely affects the behaviors, perspective, and postures of women. Studies have shown that the media has a negative impact on women, causing them to be dissatisfied with their body image. The mass media should expand on the portrayal of women’s body image. Because expanding on the way women are portrayed will help our society in many ways. Women’s self-esteem and eating habits can be influenced by what they see in the media outlets. Unhealthy body images affects their style of living and can negatively affect their physical, mental health, and social functioning. This can lead to “unhealthy dieting, eating disorders, excessive exercise or even substance use” (Healy n.p.).
Let’s start from the beginning. A person’s body image, or how they perceive themselves is created and influenced by numerous contributing factors. These factors include family environment, disability or ability, peers, the global industries, cultural background, social media/mainstream media and advertising. There are four different…

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