Media 's Effect On Self Esteem And Body Image Essay

818 Words Mar 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Media is something that has been welcomed into the daily lives of people with what seems to be no age limits. What is concerning about this excessive media use is the negative outcomes that go hand in hand with media use. With the rise of the Social Media Age more researchers are investigating the influence that media exposure has on young women. This research has proven that certain forms of media has a negative effect on self-esteem and body image. This essay will analyze sociological studies on the impact magazines, television, and the internet leave on young women. Specifically, these forms of media have proven to lower women’s overall body satisfaction in body image, self-esteem and internalizations. Using social comparison theory these studies have made connections and based hypotheses on this appearance comparison method. There were similarities in some research questions. Similarities involved body image, internalizations and its subsequent effect, as well as self-esteem. Each article had a research question involving what medium would affect body image levels. Polce-Lynch, Meyers, Kliewer, and Kilmartin asked about an overall media influence across 5th, 8th, and 12th grade boys and girls. The method of doing a cross-sectional survey allowed the researchers to look at three very different groups of children which makes it easy to generalize the findings. Second, Clay, Dittmar, and Vignoles asked if specially the models as a medium would influence body…

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