Essay on Media Violence Promotes Aggressive Behavior

1124 Words May 19th, 2015 5 Pages
Violent media as entertainment is evident in our everyday lives, as seen in films, television, radio, newspapers, internet, music or any other type of media. For over half a decade, the degree to which media violence influences aggression and violence has been intensely debated. Countless researchers have found a direct relationship between media violence and aggression and studies have come to the same conclusion; undoubtedly, these studies have presented clear evidence that exposure to media violence promotes aggressive behavior. Additionally, some also argue that exposure a great amounts of violent portrayals can damage and persuade children that violence in the real world is more violent than it really is; which in turn may possibly contribute to violence by desensitizing those who are exposed to violent media. Violent media, such as video games, television, and music, is the major source of violence because they have a direct correlation to aggression by sparking malicious impulses, and the weakening emotional sensitivity and reactiveness individuals, including impressionable children, after recurrent exposure to a negative stimulus.
To illustrate, recent studies have begun to clearly identify the side-effects of violent video games, which includes the effects generally most gamers exhibit. The mental influence that violent video games emit results in aggressive behavior and have on wide range of gamers, including children, are detrimental. Constantly reported, a…

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