Essay Media Violence And Its Effects On Society

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John Lennon once said, "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there 'd be peace." In other words, he believed that the media was something that corrupted society and debased its morals. Media has always been around us; whether it is a persuasive billboard or a television commercial. It is inevitably everywhere bombarding society with violence. Today people are accustomed to this type of media, but one cannot neglect the correlations between some past incidents and media violence. Media coverage of violence is harmful to society since it has been associated with glamorizing crimes, causing children to behave aggressively and creating inducement for criminals. Diminishing changes such as censoring the media and creating special programs for parents could serve as solutions to cease the violence. Media violence is glamorizing crimes each day even more; ever since people have had access to guns, shooting incidents have existed, but perhaps some of the most cruel acts of gun violence are those that have occurred during the last decade such as the Aurora Movie Theater and the Newtown shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
On July 20, 2012 an impacting incident is observed, in Aurora, Colorado. James Holmes set off grenades of tear gas and shot the audience at a midnight screening of The Dark Night Rises. One victim stated, “it was just chaos. You started hearing screaming. You looked up and people were falling. It was like a dream” (Johnson 2).…

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