Media Violence And Its Effects On Society Essay

1036 Words Jan 18th, 2016 5 Pages
There are various factors that lead to a violent society; high crime rate, media, poverty and etc. However, a lot of these factors can be terminated and the best way to do so is by starting with media. The media displays a lot of violence and it has caused more negative outcomes rather than positive. Media is a major part of today’s society and has a huge impact on its views. Violence, is a huge part of media and is associated in pretty much everything. If there were no laws or precautions taken, violence’s rates could increase and create mayhem. Violence censorship should be increased in media because it is glorifying and promoting violence in society and making it seem as if it just ordinary human nature. Violence in media also promotes aggressive behavior and at any given age if exposed to an extent it impacts mental health. Violent gestures, slang words, phrases etc. are extremely popular in today’s rap music. Rap has a major influence amongst the younger generation as it a popular genre. It highlights violence against females, and uses obscene language that promotes violence. Rap music has tendency to trigger violent behavior amongst teens, and cause violent outbreaks of rebellion.

“Eric Armstrong analyzed lyrics from 490 rap songs produced by 13 different artists from 1987 to 1993. He found that 22% of gangsta rap music songs contain violent and misogynist lyrics. The fastest selling rap album of all time Eminem’s The Marshall Mather’s LP contains 79% of…

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