Media Violence And The Influence Of Violence From The Media

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Throughout the years, Violence in the media has increased over the years rapidly by a large percentage. There is a large debate that surrounds the idea of the government being involved to restrict content to remove violence in the media or not to do so. This topic is controversial with many arguments on both sides of the coin. Some believe that the government shouldn 't try to remove violence from the media; but on the other hand, others seem to believe that government involvement would be beneficial. Although some may argue that the government shouldn’t try to remove violence from the media because there are other factors that cause for violent actions in the world, that the government should be considered about. However, the truth of the …show more content…
In the article, “Link Between Media and Aggression Clear, Experts Say” By Karen Patterson quotes that “Media Violence causes physiological arousal, which may amplify an existing aggressive mood or tendency, among other things”(2004). In addition, this shows that by watching media violence at a young age can have a huge impact on them, because it can ruin the minds of the adolescent which can lead to violent action in the future. Another example of this, in the article found on the newspaper would be when it states that “Identifying with aggressive characters can enhance a child’s risk of aggression, as can seeing violent characters portrayed attractively, research has suggested”(2004). In which this demonstrates that with the studies done by experts they have said that due to what the children see on shows they would follow him or her as their role model, in which when they found out their favorite singer or actor has done something wrong such as doing drugs. That adolescents would want to follow up in their steps because of all the media violence that can be found about their actions. Therefore, the government should be the ones controlling the media violence seen all around world wide especially for young …show more content…
Since violence in the media has always been accessible to children and young adults with ease. In the Journal Issue, “Media and Risky Behaviors” By Soledad Liliana Escobar, Chaves Craig A. Anderson, states that “The study found the same link when the outcome examined was outright physical violence, such as punching, beating, choking, threatening, or attacking with a knife or gun.”(2008). This indicates that the more media violence shown to adolescents or adults increases the fact that they would be involved in violent actions. From what they had learned or seen, and wanting to put that action towards other people, because of the curiosity of a human and experience. In the Journal Issue, “Media and Risky Behaviors” By Soledad Liliana Escobar, Chaves Craig A. Anderson, says that “ Outcomes include more positive attitudes towards violence, increased use of aggressive words or solutions to hypothetical problems, quicker recognition of facial anger, increased self-perception as being aggressive, increased feelings of anger..”(2008). This is to support that the government should be restricting the content to remove violence from the media, because of all the increases of aggressive behavior it causes for violent actions which leads the crimes, and

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