The Effects Of Violence In Movies

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Media, television, and movies have had many developments throughout the years. However, these changes may have been for the worse. Most turn the TV on and cannot go five minutes without witnessing an act of violence. As early as 1952 the government realized there was an unnecessary amount of violence on television ("Update: Television Violence"). These acts of violence are watched casually in society compared to maybe 50 years ago. People now look at sexual acts and profane words only to deem them inappropriate for movies and television. Society now throws a rating on movies and television shows in response to violence. Although this has been done, extreme acts of violence do not seem to affect the ratings. It is only when nudity and vulgar language join it does the rating go from G rated to R rated. Even G rated films can contain violence. For example Lion King; the Lions in the movie kill each other to solve their problems. Also, in the Disney movie Mulan the characters go to war and Mulan gets stabbed. Both of these movies maintain a G rating and it only goes to show that the audience starts …show more content…
More and more revenge is shown. People in society tend not to voice or talk about problems in relationships with others anymore and remove themselves from the problem. They also may act passive aggressively and use social media to gossip about the other person. These quick rash solutions are shown through this violent act. We tend to solve our problems now in inappropriate ways rather than hash it out and forgive and forget. I believe in a way that these violent acts on television have deeper meanings and that they are representing our new society standards in dramatic reenactments. The opposite can also be said about this situation as well. By witnessing these situations, people may learn that it is acceptable to get rid of problems in inappropriate

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