Media Portrays Men And Women Essay

1049 Words Dec 5th, 2015 5 Pages
Media portrays men and women in vastly different ways. Women are portrayed in ways that suggest that they are beautiful, powerful, and worthwhile if they use some kind of outside product and act in an oversexualized, submissive manner. Men on the other hand are portrayed as being overly masculine, dominating, and controlling. The interesting thing about this difference in advertising is that most of us go on throughout our lives viewing these advertisements and not even thinking twice about what they are actually saying. We have become so accustomed to their presence that it even changes the way that we think and what we find attractive, even without us realizing it. Looking back throughout my own life I have come to the conclusion that I have indeed seen these types of messages in a variety of different ways. I have seen them in magazines, television shows and movies, video games, ect., and I have also noticed that each are conveying different types of messages as well. For example, women in television shows and movies are generally highly attractive individuals who are always wearing nice clothes, getting dates with pretty much whoever they want, and are generally shown in situations in which they need help from a male counterpart. There are, however, some female characters that are shown to be legitimately powerful without the need to be oversexualized, submissive, or need help from somebody else. The “Hunger Games” is an excellent example of this in my opinion because…

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