Media Is Not Responsible For Such Violence Essay

833 Words Sep 26th, 2014 4 Pages
Imagine this: You’re sitting at home and you receive a phone call from your child 's school. He has been suspended again for violent behavior. You bring him home and proceed to yell at him, and penalize him by taking away his video games. While rambling on about his comportment, you accuse games such as Grand Theft Auto and Halo for bringing violent behaviors upon him. After a few weeks, your child receives his games back with a rigorous warning not to let it happen any more, and the cycle begins once again. The issue of Violence in the Media has become a go-to subject in most debates. Parents are fighting to get programing with mature content sempiternally blocked from the media, claiming that it is the media 's fault for emboldening violence onto the youth. Truth is, media is not responsible for such violence. It is the lack of responsibility from parental figures towards such violent behaviors that cause such aggressiveness. In order for there to be a transmutation in the amount of violence caused by children, we need to realize that it is our parental responsibility to teach our children what they can and cannot do, in accordance to violence. Parents should be following three simple steps - observe, explain, and detain, as well as well as changing our reactions and encouragements towards violence. Parental Responsibility towards a child’s demeanor elongates to what the child is exposed to, and how such information is processed to the child. For decades, violence has…

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