Media Effects Theory: The Media Effect Theory Of Music

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There are numerous theories that center around media effects on youth. Each theory explains the intentions of the authors and the audience perception of the media. The first theory that was purposed in the 1920 's by Frankfort School of social research, they found that the Nazi propaganda were censoring the media to show only viewpoints that were beneficial to inf the media to show only those was the media effect theory(MET). MET was first purposed by Frankfort school of social researchers in the 1920 's. The media effect theory was developed after societies reaction to the Nazi propaganda and us as which suggested that leaders were censoring the media to show only those view points that were advantageous to corporations and government.By doing …show more content…
The evolutionary scholars will say that music will help youth to lead an more healthier life by "increasing our fitness for survival in terms of better mate selection, social cohesion, synchronised group effort, perceptual development, motor skill development, conflict reduction, safe time passing, transgenerational communication of culture, and self-regulation"
The contemporary scholars will say that through research they have discovered neurological effects on the brain. That the music that youth listen to does leave traces of helping them to cope with stress, depression, and life in general. It was also tested that children who play an instrument score higher in reading and math. By listening to music it also helps children with memory issues.
Psychological and social factors of music impact on youth are very hand on hand. Psychologically music impacts on music are easily displayed every time you listen to music, it helps to better understand emotions as synchronised responses (cognitive appraisal, subjective feeling, physiological response, expression, action tendency and regulation) to changes in the environment. It has been proven that the type of music that you listen to can leave an negative or positive outlook on life. Listening to

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