Media Bias: The Corruption Of Fox News

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Fox News is one of the most controversial American television stations mainly because of one word, bias. They have been accused on several occasions of favoring the political right and misrepresenting facts/arguments. However, it seems to have gotten to the point where people just assume Fox News is overly biased based on what others say. There are a lot of people who have never even seen a decent amount of Fox News just because they assume that it’s garbage. I was one of those people until recently when I decided to actually take the time to watch and analyze the station. Based on what I’ve seen on Fox News, it would seem that they do indeed possess a conservative ideological bias because they are very one sided when it comes to important stories and heavily distort the facts in order to appeal to their mostly conservative audience.
What exactly do people mean when they say “media bias?” In my opinion, the
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This first is when the media only tells one side of the story and when they leave key information out to give their audience what they want. Fox News has done this many times throughout their years of broadcasting. For example, during the Fox News coverage of the Baltimore protest’s last year they showed several videos of the protesters destroying property and addressed the incident as a riot. While there were some protesters causing damage during the Baltimore incident, they forgot to show footage of the peaceful protesters, they didn’t mention the fact that certain gangs were putting aside their differences to stand in solidarity with their

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