Essay about Media And Its Effect On Society

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The media is present around us everywhere we go, may it be in newspapers, advertisements, social networking or magazines. Our mind ingests and registers these images without us having a say in it. Whether we want or not to view these images our subconscious uses them to build our social behavior. Not only do these bias images invade our minds but they also shape the way in which we see the world.

Media plays a meaningful role in entertaining, informing, and introducing values to diverse audiences in society. The danger with media lies in the stereotypes that are assimilated into messages used to sell products, also known as propaganda or marketing. It is important to keep in mind that advertising is a vital component to any company’s survival, further the main goal for any corporation is to convince audiences that their product is superior then the competition. Marketing strategies are essential and they need to aim to a specific target market. One of the oldest and most popular strategies media uses is sex, because of its ability to sell any products or services effectively and immediately. As a result, women are portrayed as sexual objects in all types of media, especially in television and advertisements, the overall image of a woman is not only invalid but it also disrespects the essence of a women.

Stereotypes of females include being the nurturing mother and the super model. The typical image of a woman in the media has the following qualities: Caucasian, thin, and…

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