Essay on Media And Gender Roles And Stereotypes

910 Words Dec 18th, 2015 4 Pages
In our society today, media has become a must in the lives of many people that takes a wide range of forms that communicates information to a massive audience despite the distance. Media encompasses the lives of many people and influences what society expects of people. Individuals rely on media to know what is going on in the world an shapes their opinions and perspective. However, media allows the gender roles and stereotypes that our culture influences on us becomes easily pushed on males and females. Messages are being communicated to women and girls more strongly than man and boys. These messages are telling women and girls how they are supposed to act. For girls, television shows and movies made for children are already incorporating the gender roles. While in the adult world of media, showing stereotypical gender role of feminity, and women as sexual beings or objects.These gender roles and stereotypes are being unleashed onto girls at a young age and portrays women in a narrow representation. Young children spend hours watching television in some form and while they do that ,their developing minds are taking all of society norms of gender that television reinforces. At a young age, girls are already learning how they should act, look, and be. Media communicates gender roles that portray the women and girls in a false manner. They are taught that a color for a girl is pink. When they are born and determined to be a girl, they are wrapped in a pink blanket; not a…

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