Mechanistic Structure Vs. Organic Structure Essay

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A personality is what makes you who you are as a person characteristics that makes each person unique. Upon analyzing my own personality, greatly believe we all have more or less of each personality trait in us. I trust that my personality scores work best inside mechanistic structure vs. organic where the organization I see it a bit more structured for my personality type. Mechanistic structures are basically for organizations that work in a steady domain, utilize a together approach of power, and keep up solid faithfulness for administration. Organic structure is where employees in this structure are often found working in groups and share input on tasks. The first of the big five is openness. Openness is defined as the extent to which a person is imaginative or independent. For example, with the continuous headway in innovation, it helps an organization for their workers to end up more productive and openness has been found to be highly beneficial in the workplace when solving open-ended problems. Good leadership also requires a dash of openness, since it allows leaders to be visionary and able come up with effective solutions.

The next trait relevant to organizations is conscientiousness. This can imply a person’s desire to do a task well. An experience that I remember is when I dealt with a co-worker that was low in Conscientiousness was when she and I were working on a new upcoming training class.

She had an excessive number of projects that she felt should…

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