Big Five Personality Test Essay

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In order to study personality, psychologists devised a plan to qualitatively measure the traits that differentiate humans from one another. The Big Five Factor Model provides a concise measurement of five basic human qualities that most every person possesses. These qualities fluctuate throughout life and the quiz seeks to measure these changes throughout development. While the conclusions made based off this model are generalizations, it provides a clear view of how certain personality traits are affected by environment, age, gender, race, etc.
My results for the Big Five personality test stated that I was mostly nervous and high-strung, somewhat conventional, more likely to enjoy quiet time, in between organized and disorganized, and easily irritated with others. For the most part, I agree with the results of the test. I prefer to follow routine but I can also enjoy spontaneity to a certain extent. I definitely prefer quiet time alone and I often feel nervous in certain situations. Especially in regards to school work and social situations, I feel often feel anxious and high-strung. As for organization, I like the feeling of being organized but rarely feel the motivation to carry through with the process. I have a personal threshold of disorganization that must be met before I can attempt to clean up the mess.
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While she is driven by her desire to make others happy, she can be socially limited because her interests are not commonplace for someone her age. Leslie would much rather study politics or organize a community event than visit social settings that exist in her town. Despite this, Leslie is outgoing, talkative, and energetic. She expresses a large amount of enthusiasm for her work and concepts in which she is passionate. While the people around her may not want to listen or think that Leslie is overly excitable, she still continues to share her knowledge and love for her

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