Meaning Of No PCP

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1. Meaning of “NO PCP” I have started work on my assignment by detailing the meaning of project “NO PCP”. It stands for “No Physician”. 2. The second stage was meeting with the business and detailing their thoughts and general requirements for this project.
Over a course of several weeks I had many meetings with the business as to have been able to detail all of the requirements necessary by the company, and the laws of the State, that dictate the possibility of such a project being realized.
This was a very difficult and arduous task as the environment in which my work was being conducted is very agile and prone to constant change. 14 3. Meeting with the technical staff
In this stage, I had
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This stage of my work took well over two weeks, as the number of IT people in different sectors needed to be employed on this project, and a line of communication needed to be established between them. 4. Creating a mockup CRD
In this step I was required to create a mockup of the processes needed to be realized so as the project could be eventually executed. Everything from administrative, to technical requirements, as well as the process of work was marked down and explained in detail. 5. Presenting the CRD to the business
After successfully completing the CRD, another meeting with the business was organized as to present the CRD and explain the final requirements, possibilities, and usefulness of the project being discussed. 6. Approval and implementation
After acquiring the final “sign off’ from the business, I entailed in delegating the responsibilities needed to realize the project to the technical staff. First I created I step by step diagram of the work needed to be done, and distributed it to the team.
*See attachment below. 15 *Step by step processes needed to be realized After the distribution of the process flow, I was engaged in resolving any inquires by the

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