IT Project For Eaton Corporation

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I have been working on an IT project for Eaton Corporation for the past several months. The project was tailored such that it would reduce the administrative burden of approximately 280 technicians currently working in the United States. In reducing the administrative burden, there was not only a cost savings for reducing labor but also the added benefit of being able to have minable data in the Oracle database. With the project charter in hand, I sat down with the IT professionals to work through the details of how we would accomplish this task and still continue to manage the day to day business operations.
The project charter was incredibly detailed however it was not detailed enough for the IT team and every detail was not documented.
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The project occurred because I was able to overcome the word “no”. In the initial discussion with IT, when they were asked if a project like this could be accomplished the response was “no, Oracle is not capable of doing this”. I contacted Oracle and asked if there was any barrier and their response was “no problem, you can do this”. IT then indicated that it would cost too much to purchase the additional features from Oracle to accomplish the project and the response from Oracle was “sir, you already have the features, there is nothing that you would need to …show more content…
They were also not comfortable in addressing the business process that needed to be put into place if there was a data point that was considered to be objectionable. The burden for determining this was not something that resided with IT, the business needed to address how to respond in these cases. One example would be if there was a safety issue at a customer location and the technician set a flag for an un-safe condition, the business would need to act to ensure the safety of the technician. The business setup automatic alerts to EHS management, HR management and the Operations management to properly address the issue.
The source of the hundreds of conflicts with IT was determined to be a round-table meeting which did not occur. Typically there is a meeting with all of the involved parties before the project begins that would walk through the entire project and fully vet each section of the IT request. In that the meeting did not occur, this left many items to be open for interpretation. Hundreds of hours were expended in trying to resolve the

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