Max And Hanna 's Life Essay

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So Max and Hanna set up housekeeping in a tiny three bedroom house, alongside the rest of Max’s military buddies. Max and Hanna were the entertainers on the block. Hanna had a natural knack for decorating and duplicated the latest trends into her home. She loved the attention and compliments from their friends. Even though it was a rented house, she took care of it as if she owned it herself.
Max continued his army lifestyle under his own roof, flirting with the other wives and drinking with his buddies. One night, after their last guest disappeared behind the closed door, Hanna screamed at Max, “I saw the way you were looking at her! Everyone in the room saw it! How could you do this to me? You’re such an embarrassment, Max!!” Grabbing a dirty plate from the table, Hanna flung it towards Max. He ducked. The plate smashed against the door scratching the wood finish. The shattered fragments littered the entryway.
“Now Hanna, you know we’re just funning around. Besides, I watched the way you accidentally fell into Skip playing that stupid card game. I know why you dropped your cards on the floor, so you could rub your body against my friend’s leg.”
“Why . . . you . . . little . . . GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”
Max flopped his muscular body onto the couch, “Not a chance, Hanna. You want your cake and to eat it too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”
“Aw Hanna, go sleep it off; I’ll see you in the morning.” With that, Max switched off the light,…

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