Maverick Case Essay

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Case 4 Maverick Lodging
The Maverick Lodging case concerns the initial results of installing a new, comprehensive performance review system. As a consultant to Maverick Lodging and the Marriott Corporation, your task is to evaluate the efficacy of the new performance evaluation system. Your direct point of contact is Ms. Cindy Baum who was responsible for managing the rollout of the new performance evaluation system.

Assignment Value
10 % of your grade

• Point of View: Your team will act as consultants to Cindy Baum, the Vice President of Asset Management at Maverick Lodging. You are to help prepare her for her meeting with her boss, Robert Sandlin, President and CEO of Maverick Lodging to discuss the results
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The professor will randomly choose two people from each team to present. Nonpresenting team members will answer all questions. Each team will present for 12 to 15 minutes. There will be about five minutes of questions and answers after each presentation. The class will provide written feedback to presenting teams. We will provide you with sheets for this. The professor has final say on the top presentations. The top presentation from each cohort will make it to the final on Wednesday November 18. A really good presentation from all three Cohorts may be a “wildcard” fourth presentation in the final.

Wednesday, November 18: Afternoon Session 1. External judges will decide who the winning team is. 2. The presentation will take place at the Grand Hall of the Bello Center from 2pm to 4.00pm. 3. Each team will present for 12 to 15 minutes and answer questions from the judges right after the presentation.

Research Tool Kit
At this point of the course, you have learned about the importance of planning, including budgeting, and subsequently, evaluating those plans. You are welcome to consult your text books, other texts and sources to help you better understand and evaluate the case.

Guiding Case Research Questions
You will find below a number of questions for your team’s review. They do not all have to be answered. The goal of your critique is to achieve an overall assessment of Maverick

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