Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Being A Student At Southwest High School

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Being a student at Southwest High School, I always struggled with math. I never understood it, and I wondered to myself “am I not smart enough?”. Here came my sophomore year and I had a class with a teacher named Ms Velasquez. my first day of school had finally came and I thought to myself “well here i go to barely passing another class”. I came in and automatically she gave us a math test, I was so disappointed. She wanted to see what we knew and how we can improve our math, it is not like many of my teachers already tried that. So as usual i did my test and did very horrible, a 58 to be exact. Second day of school I was already not liking her. I did not approve of these tests that just made me feel even more dumb than what I thought I was. Again down with the 50 test grade. I was mad at myself, I was mad at my teachers, and I just wanted to skip over the math. I …show more content…
For the first time I knew how to do hard algebra problems that I would have never thought I would understand. I knew how to solve it my own way and I knew how to get the right answer just by using the methods that I was taught. I tell you, it was pleasure of having a teacher like her she believed in me and never gave up on me even when I was struggling with these dumb question that I thought I was never going to use. And turns out that I do use these methods all the time. Math can be hard for many people and it can make you feel not very smart, but I will tell you that if you learn different ways to do it it will help. The story “You can grown your brain” helped me remember when I did not understand math at all and made me remember the one teacher that did not gave up on me but it also made me realize that now that I have more math knowledge, that my brain got bigger and bigger and even now that i am in college, I use math and it keeps growing bigger and

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