Essay about Math And The Classroom And School Environment

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Over the course of a semester I have observed the physical environment of my classroom, interviewed my cooperating teacher, assessed the school environment, and much more. I wanted to discover how math was involved in the school community. Throughout this paper, I will develop a deeper understanding of my notes and describe how math was involved in the school from day-to-day, and overall. Math, is taught day-to-day, but math is much more than addition and subtraction. Math begins with instilling a love for math in your students and getting them excited to immerse themselves in the math environment. Math is all around us and we need to acknowledge and create a math world for our students. .

Professional and Pedagogical Knowledge: Classroom and School Environment

The layout of my classroom includes: A math group chart, A “good things mathematicians do” chart, library with math books, display of the students’ math assignments , a smart board, and their desks which are grouped in 4’s and 6’s. The class has a lot of “move around” space, a rug and a table where they can sit. There is a doubles math fact sheet posted in the classroom, along with their addition and subtraction strategies chart. Students’ various math assignments are posted around the classroom. Depending on the lesson, students “KWl” chart is filled in based on the current topic they are learning.
My Cooperating teacher utilizes various math activities in the classroom. During the month of February,…

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