Essay on Materialistic Branding : What 's Changed?

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Materialistic Branding How do marketing companies attempt to materialistically brand consumers? Commercials are unavoidable; the cute, catchy phrases that get stuck in our heads and influence our cravings for those products. Take a moment, first thing that came to mind was probably either a favorite soft drink or fast food restaurant. This is a company’s marketing strategy. Companies attempt to brand our thoughts through positive images with their logo, materialism at its best. Jane Hammerslough discusses in her article “What’s Changed?” how materialism, although thousands of years old, has changed in modern culture and what has contributed to that change. Hammerslough argues that as technologies evolve so do the basic needs we have as humans. An example of this is how the average person today relies on some form of technology in order to survive a single day of existence, whereas 20 years ago this was not quite as true. Possessions are so valued in modern society that the accumulation of items tends to be seen as a form of wealth. Hammerslough addresses the problems associated with this wealth such as how much a single person have become controlled by technologies so much that the boundaries of sociality have shifted. Hammerslough also demonstrates how all of this has an effect on age groups as well; younger people seem to be more driven by newest technologies than older people do. This article effectively illustrates Hammerslough’s opinions on how materialism has…

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