Essay Mass Shootings On College Campuses

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Umpqua Community College, Santa Monica College, Oikos University, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech, University of Arizona’s College of Nursing, Uni­versity of Iowa, colleges since 1984 that were grounds for mass shootings. Harper Mercer, John Zawahri, L. Goh, Amy Bishop, Steven Kazmierczak, Robert S. Flores, Gang Lu, students and faculty that opened fire at those colleges. Mass shootings on college campuses are not fictional events, they are ongoing and increasing. Ways that could minimize the chances of mass shootings happening on campuses with or without armories; mental health checks, escorts, and trainings on dangerous behaviors.
According to the Analysis of Mass Shootings produced by, only fifteen out of the one hundred and thirty-three mass shootings did the shooter have reported mental health disorders and one shooter was prohibited by federal law for possessing a gun due to severe mental illness. In 2001, eighty-five percent of counseling center directors reported seeing students with more serious psychological problems (Landow, 92-93). Later in 2011 National Survey of Counseling Center Directors , ninety-one percent of directors reported a trend toward a greater number of students with severe psychological problems(Castillo, "Introduction to the Special Issue on College Student Mental Health.").Approximately half of all college students were found to have a psychiatric disorder in a national…

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