Essay on Mass Media Violence On Kids

968 Words Nov 25th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout the years, the viciousness in media brutality on kids has been a dubious theme. The contention is regardless of whether youngsters are mentally programmed into perpetrating brutal certifiable violations on account of combative conduct uncovered in broad communications. Media impact fierce conduct in youngsters on the grounds that they realize what they see, in this task, this paper will firstly exhibit how savagery is produced in a tyke. Also, it will go on to talk about the presentation to media savagery prompts forceful conduct in kids. In closing, it will discuss the significant impacts media savagery can have on kids. Firstly, when children see violence in mass media, they have a difficult time differentiating between what is real and what is imaginary. In today’s day and age television, movies, video games, cell phones, and computer networks have assumed central roles in children’s daily lives. As a result, the exposure to heavy violence increases aggressive behaviors. Pretend you are a parent, you see your child acting in an aggressive manner, you ask them where they learned this behavior and they replied, “I saw it on television” or “this is how the hero in my video game handled things.” Mass media portrays numbers of violent acts, including many depictions of murder, rape, smoking and drinking. Karaagac discussed in his article that, “TV programs in US shows 812 violent acts per hour, a typical American child would have followed 200,000 acts of violence,…

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