The Negative Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Register to read the introduction… This statistic shows the prevalence of television viewership amongst children of all ages. News media contains much violence and affects children in many negative ways. For example, news media can make children express fear when they see reports on danger around them and in other parts of the world. These reports include accounts of murders, catastrophic accidents, and war, among other kinds of suffering. Media violence has many negative influences on children, symptoms of which include fear, aggression, and desensitization. The cure for these symptoms could be a community effort to stop children from watching violence and further research on the negative effects of violence on …show more content…
Psychologists have come up with experiments and models to predict whether media has any influence on children. Results have shown that most children experience negative outcomes of emotion right after they experience some stimuli. Studies have shown that media violence can also affect children in the long term. In an article entitled “Media Violence and Social Neuroscience: New Questions and New Opportunities” found in the Current Directions in Psychological Science journal, Carnagey, Anderson, and Bartholow write, “The most recent comprehensive review of the effects of violent media found ‘unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long term contexts’” (178). However, there are different effects that each type of media can have on a child. For instance, video games offer a more interactive form of violence than just watching television. When an individual plays a violent video game, he or she becomes immersed in the game experience and even receives virtual rewards for his or her acts. On the other hand, when a child watches a violent scene in a movie, the effect is less detrimental, because he or she is not actively involved in the

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