Death And Violence In Video Games

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The introduction of video game platforms that allow game creators to portray any action they choose on screen with lifelike realism is a concept once unimaginable, however within the past few decades monumental advances have been made in the digital arts. With the newfound power to create such lifelike realism, game designers often turn to death and violence as a basis for their games due to the popularity of such grim topics. Ratings have been placed on such material in attempt to protect the youth. There are blurred lines, however, on what exactly young people should be shielded from; and how use should be sectioned to allow for maturity throughout children’s development. Violence is often brushed off as unneeded, unnecessary or as simply too crude, however such is not always the case. A depiction of war, particularly an accurate depiction, cannot be considered on the same level of distaste as a more mindless work of killing and slaughter. Violence …show more content…
From nursery rhymes to super hero movies nearly every mainstream instrument of young learning is designed to teach a lesson and form a sense of right and wrong. Determining the age a child moves from nursery rhymes to, the sometimes violent, movies such as the Superman and Batman is a decision that must be made by the caregiver. Similarly, the decision of what types of video games can be played at certain ages must be made by caretakers. The age a child is old enough to transition into a broader span of media must be made not by a flat number but rather by the wisdom and understanding of a child’s caretaker to determine. Each child matures at their own rate and reaches different levels of ability to understand complex situations and events. When a child has mentally and morally matured enough to understand the differences in violence, such as that portrayed in war and that portrayed in slaughter, they are old enough to be exposed to violent

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