The Influence Of Media Violence

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Violence in a media driven world Thinking back to when I was younger I can remember all of my friends parents setting up parental control options on their televisions, restricting what shows, movies, and video games their children had access to. Parents were and still are concerned about how violence in media could affect their children. We briefly discussed this topic in class when we learned about Banduras BoBo doll. I picked this topic because when I was a kid my parents didn’t have many restrictions on what we watched. My older brother and I both watched scary movies, played first- person shooter games, and we are both peaceable people. On the other hand every single day we see, hear, and experience intense things that could have been adapted from violent content. Everyone knows that children are very impressionable. You’re always reminded to watch what you say or do in front of them, because they will almost always repeat it. Albert Banduras BoBo doll experiment is the perfect example of this. In 1961 Albert Bandura did an experiment where he let girls and boys view different ways adults would behave with a BoBo doll, and …show more content…
One of the main reasons for this is the attack was said to of been influenced by violent video games and music (Columbine High School shootings). Although some people argued their rage was stimulated through bullying. There was ultimately no proof of media being the main cause of the two teenage boys killing thirteen people, and later turning the guns on their selves. This event stirred up a lot of parents, who then soon after started really regulating the violent things their children viewed. Schools were also taking initiative to provide zero tolerance rules for violent student offenders, and looking more into troubled students. No one wants their child to end up being the school shooter, but can violent images really lead a kid that

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