Masculinity And Femininity In Advertising Essay

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Marketing is a persuasive strategy used to sell products to a targeted audience. In fact the first impression is the important key in marketing. Traditionally, masculinity and femininity has been used to promote products from fashion to foods. Some may argue that sexuality factors in advertising will misrepresent the company’s and the products image. This essay will attempt to illustrate that advertising should use masculinity and femininity in advertising as objects of attraction to sell products.

Firstly, one of the reason for allowing masculinity and femininity in advertising is because it has been a trend in advertising industries for the past decades. The consumer has seen this as a stereotype in advertising
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For instance, using a leading athlete, or actor to promote a perfume or sports attire, this is obviously a culture in today’s advertisement technique. On the hand, each company has their own brand ambassador, for example, Haig Club perfume, whose ambassador is David Beckham. This is not only using masculinity, but it also influencing all of the fans of the world famous football player to buy the product that David Beckham advertises, and it also impliedly creates an awareness of the products. If the company can positively engage someone with your brand, “they could be your greatest marketing communications tool and sales person” (Michelaq 2011). This also indicates that both genders will look at masculinity or femininity as idolise, yet it is in a sensual perspective. To sum it up, it may be sensual and sexy, but from a consumer’s perspective, they admire looking at the masculine and femininity physique of the advertisement actor and …show more content…
However, allowing this sensual technique has always been successful in boosting the sales and this has been proven effectively by certain leading companies. For instance, some may condemn Calvin Klein as being sensual and exotic when comes to advertising, but then, one should consider upon the fact that advertisement contributed around $2 million per month (Park 2014). Calvin Klein proves that the advertisement became one of the most memorable advertising. Similarly, Victoria Secret is also a company which uses femininity to sell their product. (Lobello 2013) stated that Victoria Secret makes a profit of $5 billion revenue every year. Hence, an image of the company is completely dependent on the advertisement made up for its products. In conclusion, as discussed above, the use of masculinity and femininity in advertising does sell the products of a company well, than any other techniques that exists for instance, the usage of animation and funny act. The image of any particular brand or the company it is not depend on the act in advertising. Moreover, usage of sensual act in advertising are not criticising or affecting any

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