Essay on Martin Luther And The Great Things Martin

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Dear friends, family, and fellow brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ; today, we gather to honor a great man: Martin Luther. Martin was passionate, resistant, and unwavering in his love and devotion to the Church and its individuals! Martin was also very humble, and would most likely argue that he did nothing that his conscious and faith did not obligate him to do. Though it may have been the hand of God guiding him, I think it would be disrespectful to not acknowledge his hard work & the great things Martin managed to achieve during his short time with us.
Martin was born in Eisleben Saxony, in the year of our lord 1483, November 10th, to Hans and Margarethe Luther. He was the eldest child, and like most eldest children, held the weight of his Father’s hopes and dreams for Martin’s future. Hans wanted his son to be a lawyer, and like a good son, Martin heeded his father’s wishes. Yet, as if often the case, God had other plans for Martin. One stormy evening on his way home, Martin became afraid he would not make it home alive and prayed that he would dedicate his life to the church if he survived the night. He lived to make it home, and soon after, Martin honored his oath and became a monk, at the grave disappointment of his father.
Martin was very interested in theology and Biblical studies and through this, began to come to the understanding that salvation was achieved through faith alone by the grace of God. Thus, he also began to question certain practices…

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