Mary Tudor Personality

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Mary Tudor courageous queen or bloody Mary, she was known for her religious faith and her to bring England back to the Catholic ways. Her fellow people had mixed feelings towards their queen assuming she was the rightful heir of the throne or a devil in the discus.

Mary Tudor was born in February 18, 1516. She had been the first surviving child of King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine. Her mother, Catherine had given birth to 4 children before Mary but none had survived. Mary Tudor a religious young girl. A Spanish scholar named Juan Luis Vives wrote a book especially for Mary called The Education of a Christian Woman with guidance from the Vives book she will learn how to become a young and powerful wife for a king. A German monk names
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Martin started his revolt in 1517 in Wittenberg, Germany where he posted his famous “Ninety-five Theses” his wise words had spread all over the Christian world including England. The Protestant reformation had begun. Her father, Henry has been involved with a younger woman from Catherine’s court Anne Boleyn was the misters. Henry was determined to have Anne, and Anne was determined to be queen, the only conflict there was in the 16th century in Europe marriage was controlled by the Catholic Church, and to get legal divorce the king needed permission from the pope. Catherine had heard secrets plans of her husband wanting a divorce. She sent a message to her nephew Emperor Charles V asking for help. Charles armies controlled Rome and the Pope. When Henry asked for the divorce he was denied from the pope. He was furious so he let Anne stayed in the palace, since he wasn’t able to get what he want from the pope he declared he would take action he officially separated from the church of England. In April messages arrived at Richmond Castle and told Mary that Archbishop Cranmer …show more content…
She refused to attend the funeral. Her father Henry was now relief of his former wife 's death because this meant he is now allowed to be happy with Anne and free form the fear of war. Another greater news Anne was pregnant again bringing hope to Henry for a male heir, but unfortanlly she had a miscarriage. With Henry disappointments of the miscarriage rumors had spread that Anne been having affairs so she was sent to jail. Later May 19 1536 Anne Boleyn would be executed after the execution of Anne, Henry married again to Jane Seymour, Mary had hope for change between her and her father. On October 12 1537 Jane gave birth to Henry’s longest desired of a son named Edward, because she was really close to her new stepmother she didn’t have any hatred towards her. 12 days later, Jane had died, Henry lost his wife, Edward lost his mother, and Mary lost someone who was dearly close to her now. Her half bother was now heir to the throne after her father, but there was conflict outside the kingdom with religious faith. Her father married again and again. In his will Edward would take over the throne, then it would be Mary next in line, and Elizabeth third. Believing her brother would take good care of the country. Herny V III had died in January 1547 Mary was 31 year’s old now relief because she can now live in the way she wanted with her faith she had long hope for to gain again. Later into the summer she heard distressing news form London,

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