Martin Luther : A Important Man Essay

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have you ever think about the importance of Martin Luther? Do you know what he had accomplished? This research paper will discuss about Martin Luther. It will talk about Luther’s life, it will talk about Luther’s family, it will talk about the importance of Martin Luther, and it will also talk about Luther’s accomplishments. The reason why I choose to write about Luther is because I think Luther was a very important man in history.
Martin Luther was born in November 10, 1483 and died in February 18,1958. He was born in Germany at a place called Eisleben, and he also died at the same place. Martin Luther was born into Roman Catholicism. Luther family lived near a place named Mansfeld, but it was not the only place he attended to school. He studied in schools in Magdeburg, Eisenach and Mansfeld. The first school Luther attended was a local school. At that school, Luther learned how to write, how to read and how to speak Latin. Luther attended to a school run by Brethren Common Life in Magdeburg at the age of 13. Luther was a great student; he was very smart. In 1501, Luther attended to the University of Erfurt to study law. He received his Bachelor’s degree in just a year, and received his Master’s degree three years later after receiving his Bachelor’s degree. This is the reason why I said Luther was a great student.
According to the sources online, “Martin Luther was a German theologian, Augustinian monk, university professor, priest, and church reformer. Most people known…

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