Essay about Marketing Team : Gender And Lifestyle

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Marketing team can segment based on age, gender or lifestyle ( 2016, para 2). TELECOPER has adopted a multiple segmentation strategy because it is more precise. Its clients are executives, men and women aged between 20 and 55 years from high economic classes who seek safety and comfort when using the service, they enjoy luxury and for their priority is efficiency and comfort. They are interested in economic and political issues.
The second group of users are tourists who visit the city for visit the city for business or pleasure. This is a heterogeneous group composed of people from different ages and social groups and nationalities. The psychographic notable characteristics in this group are the interest in exploring new places, taking risks and having pleasant experiences of service.

According to the macro analysis of the company, the best strategy for the company is a differentiation strategy that seeks to position the brand in the market as a socially responsible company that seeks to contribute to the environment. The strengths of the company are highly linked to the opportunities in its external environment.
So far in Colombia does not exist a competitor in the taxi industry that pursue a social or environmental cause and taking into account that there is an ecological awareness about pollution produced by vehicles that destroy the ozone layer and damages the ecosystem, the strategy proposed is to become in a…

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