Marketing Sugar And The Food Industry Essay

1320 Words Dec 6th, 2015 6 Pages
When shopping for groceries, it is important to make healthy decisions. Making healthy choices is a decision based upon prices, availability, and personal preference. However, it is easy to choose the unhealthy options when the food industry is using brightly colored packaging and empty promises to lure people to purchase their food. Hence, the food industry can be seen as the main contributor to obesity. Nobody wants to be told what to eat, but with clever marketing, the food industry does not have to say a word. People crave sugar. Sadly, for some people, sugar is at the top of their food pyramid along side fat. Marketing sugar is an extensive part of the food industry. Breakfast cereals, microwavable meals, and fast-foods are all a part of imbalanced advertising (Millstone 182). The question is, how does sugar marketing get people to crave their products? The Dr. Pepper project revealed the answer. It was a test to produce the biggest crave. The food manufacturers worked their way into creating the perfect addictive formula. They used one main technique: making the product irresistible through color, smell, packaging, and taste. After four months of work, the project was completed (Moss 28-30). The effects of the test was the beginning of the sugar market battle. By adding sugar to their product, it became an addictive ingredient that got people purchasing more product. The answer was clear: sugar marketing hooked people through their ingenious techniques that kept…

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