Essay on Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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“Taste the feeling”: The latest slogan of Coca-Cola is accompanied by a heart-touching ad that makes the audience forget they were even watching a Super Bowl commercial. This commercial is, of course, meant to promote The Coca-Cola Company brand and sell their products; however they brand their company’s soda as a “feeling” throughout their ad, while encompassing their new slogan. Coca-Cola appeals to brothers by having them associate Coca-Cola brand with strong feelings of happiness and nostalgia through the use of relatable situations, advanced visual and auditory signals, and the sound structure of the story in ad. A young boy wearing a red baseball cap sits on the edge of a couch in a 1950’s-looking decorated room; he focuses all his attention on playing a video game on the TV. An older boy enters the screen and pushes the front of the young boys baseball cap down over his face a couple times, while the young boy swats his hands at him; immediately following this, a strong male voice sings “Hey, brother”. A few scenes after show the older brother teasing the younger brother in various ways such as moving out-of-reach headphones even higher on the shelf, running away with an umbrella while it’s raining, and stomping on the younger brother’s foot under the dinner table. The last scene shows the younger brother sitting outside on a bench alone, when bullies take his Coke and tease him. The older brother comes, takes the Coke back, and scares off the bullies. He takes a…

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