Essay on Marketing Strategy For Audience Segmentation

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Taking a Strategic Approach to Audience Segmentation
It seems like the farther we get into the Internet age the greater the options for audience segmentation. Audience segmentation is not only limited to on-site tag-based audiences anymore. In fact, have so many options now that it can be difficult to zero in on exactly which audience you are hoping to reach. With more options for audiences than ever, where do you even start?
Options for creating audiences using Google Analytics data, which gives more details on orders and site behavior beyond pages visited, using in-house CRM data in conjunction with Google Customer Match to create audiences, and leveraging Google Similar Audiences on search campaigns, are all contributors to the staggering variety of options available contemporarily. So how does one begin to take a strategic approach to audience segmentation with so many options available?
First: Consider your Goals
What are you trying to achieve? Make sure that the audiences you are targeting are both willing and able to take the action you want them to. For instance, if you are an ecommerce site trying to generate as much revenue as possible – make sure you’re bidding up on valuable customers. For your site that could be Recent Purchasers from the last week or month, if your brand lends itself to quick repeat purchases. Or it could be Past Purchasers from the last thirty to sixty days, if your brand is more luxury, with less frequent repeat purchases. Use Google…

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