Essay on Marketing Strategy And Mix Of Coca Cola

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Another major threat to Coca-Cola is other indirect competitors. Coffee chains, distributors of healthy non-carbonated beverages, energy drinks, Gatorade and especially bottled water, are slowly but surely cutting into Coca-Cola’s market share (Bhasin, 2016). Rising labor cost is another threat that can hurt overall profitability for Coca-Cola. The looming $15.00 minimum wage rate is slowly becoming a reality in our country alone. At the end of Coca-Cola’s 2014 fiscal year, they had employed about 129,200 people, and of that number, 65,300 of them were in the United States. The increase in wages will also hurt Cokes profit margin (Bhasin, 2016).
Marketing Strategy and Mix
Coca-Cola uses many different marketing strategies and mix’s to reach its consumer markets. For example, when marketing to kids online, they have the “My Coke Rewards”, which provides a loyalty program for consumers of their soft drink. The program allows consumers to access a website by entering special codes from their Coca-Cola products. They in turn can download ringtones or other apps that are available to them for free (Chester & Montgomery, 2008). According to Chester & Montgomery (2008), "the most sophisticated example of how brands can utilize code promotions to capture behavioral and psychographic information about consumers." The campaign embodies the company 's "vision" of "connect, collect and perfect"--"to connect with consumers, collect relevant information from consumers and, finally,…

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