Marketing Strategies Of Online Computers Selling Platform Essay

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“Online Computers Selling Platform is a digital platform on which the company can share his latest products and increase his sales. In modern era we have many marketing techniques but the best one is website because it is ultimate source of information about the specific organization, its services, its achievements and the products which are available for sale by it.”
To meet the requirements of the marketing strategies in modern era we are designing an online system, which may contribute in the sales of products and increase revenue. The system will efficiently meet the requirement of company, employees and clients. The system will retrieve all paper work online; maintain the existing records and update them as per need. There are some major services like:
 E-Marketing of Products
 Sales and New Products Update
 Adding and Deleting Products as per requirement
 Maintains Product Reports.


As from proposal we came to know that it’s a computer hardware shop which deals in new and used computers and currently they are operating from a shop and have a static website which only displays their products and services. The website is not interactive and the information is not updated regularly as it does not have a proper database engine.
From Proposal we have concluded following major problems:
 The organization has a static website which is difficult to update on daily basis.
 There is no record of the previous products and…

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