Marketing Plan Of Our New Drink Essay

1982 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
The approach the team has taken in configuring the perfect marketing plan of our new drink is to simply ensure a good time and long lasting energy while partying throughout the night. Our product was inspired by the well know bar mix of vodka and redbull. Through our studies we have found that there is no drink on the market that can be purchased at a store that produces the same content for a less cost and a variety of flavors. This combination of our assortment of flavoured vodka’s mixed with our energy drink will allow consumers to enjoy the feeling of a bar made beverage right from there local liquor or grocery store. The product itself is a liquor that ofcourse must only be purchased by adults age 18 and older. The core of our product is to stimulate adults looking to gain the energy of an intensified drink while enjoying the escape of an alcoholic beverage. The actual prodcut will be produced in a glass bottle that holds the equivalent of one shot of vodka, flavour options being raspberry, green apple, and mango. This shot will be mixed with the equivalent of one bottle of our energy drink concoction. In order to make production and consumption easier the only instruction needed to enjoy this drink is to refrigerate at all times, shake well before consuming, wait approximately 5 minutes for any acidic suds to defuse, and then enjoy responsibly. Since our product will be targeted to adults based on the legal drinking age of the country it is sold in, we understand that…

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