Essay on Marketing Plan For The Ups Store

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The UPS Store® is a franchising opportunity available in many areas across the United States. The company, originally Mail Boxes Etc., Inc., began over thirty-five years ago as a convenient alternative to the United State Postal Service (UPS Store, Inc., 2014d). In 2003, Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. (UPS), making it the world’s largest franchisor of small business-oriented services (UPS Store, 2014a).
Each The UPS Store® franchise offers business-oriented services to small business owners. This includes a wide variety of printing, faxing, packaging, and shipping services (UPS Store, 2014b). In addition, The UPS Store® franchises provide small business owners with document shredding, faxing, and mailing options they might not otherwise be able to utilize (UPS Store, 2014b). An entrepreneur considering a franchising opportunity with The UPS Store® is pursuing a business format franchising opportunity. That is to say, the franchising opportunity is nearly all encompassing. The purchase of such a franchise will include, among other things, the value of the UPS brand, a specific set of operating criteria, national advertising, and ongoing assistance from the franchisor (Katz & Green, 2014). The most beneficial aspect of pursuing this franchising opportunity is its brand name appeal. UPS, as a company, is a widely known and well-respected giant in the shipping business. As Scarborough (2014) points out,…

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