Marketing Plan For Launching A New Product Essay

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Businesses that are engaged in product development processes are bound to be faced with some type of risks when launching a new product. Jell-O is definitely use to the process of launching products due them being a brand that is known for variety and launching new products constantly. Being able to learn from launch mistakes is the main reason that Jell-O is in the position that they are in today. They are able to understand what works and what doesn’t for their consumers. However, there are times where incidents can arise and it will be up to the company on how to manage these risks so as not to hamper the future plans of the business for growth and development. If the right structure is in place, minimizing risks in all areas can be obtained. Firstly let’s take a look at the marketing risks.
It is common business practice to conduct marketing before launching a product. Advertisements must be done so that consumers will be interested in the product. A global product launch will require a big-budget marketing campaign to be rolled out across different regions. With this move several risks can potentially surface. One potential risk is your message coming across as insensitive to local cultures, often due to improper translation. For example, beauty products that target the fashion-loving youth in the United States may not do well in conservative societies such as Saudi Arabia.
Advertisements must make sure that the ads can be relevant to all cultures and not offensive…

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