Marketing Plan For A Restaurant Essay

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In a current menu from the fast food restaurant, Raising Cane’s, it lists everything that they have to offer since then opened on August 26, 1996. Since opening in Louisiana, Raising Cane’s has become a chain restaurant. They have 14 total locations in Ohio and is constantly increasing. The menu, in most cases, is one of the first things that the customer sees and therefore, should grab the attention of the customers. In the Journal of Foodservice Business research, it states “Indeed, the menu outlines your strategic marketing plan and serves as the first impression for a customer” (McCall 440). This shows that the menu is a very important part of a restaurant because it lays out what you have to offer and tries to impress the customers.
Menu designers want the menu to focus on the specific things that they are trying to sell. The journal also explains that “Carefully designed menus direct customers’ attention to particular items and facilitate item selection” (McCall 440). At the top of the menu in big bold letters it says “Always fresh. Never, ever frozen.” This was purposely put in all capital letters because they want it to be noticed very quickly. They want it well known that their chicken fingers are never frozen but always fresh. It is clear to see that since they put it at the top of the page in big bold letters that they are promoting having fresh chicken. A benefit of them putting this on the menu, is to express that their chicken is better than other chicken…

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