Marketing Plan For A Online Advertising Essay

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Market Plan
Marketing is crucial for every organization. It is a blueprint for the design and delivery of product promotion. The company has to come up with a marketing plan to reach the customers. A marketing plan will guide the group through implementing advertisements, analyzing the number of clients and will hence help in the decision-making process for the future. The age bracket of the target group for the business is 18 – 35 years. These are young people whose life is full of excitement. Following a global experience in the digital revolution, this group is the one that is profoundly impacted. Online advertisement, therefore, will be our primary platform to inform our customers about our products. One effective way of being successful at online advertising is allowing for video streaming through social links (Hua, Mei, & Hanjalic, 2011). Our company will stream videos of the goods and services we offer using illustrations with dogs. For instance, we will shoot and post videos illustrating dog brushing, removal of mats and fur, playing outside and much more. Links to pictures and videos will be displayed on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, WhatsApp.
Below are the social media sites we have targeted and why:
• Facebook “200 million active users”
• LinkedIn “433 million members”
• YouTube “3 billion views daily”
• Twitter “316 million users”
• Instagram “300 million active users” Shouldn’t there be a citation for these quotes…

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