Marketing Goals And Objectives

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B: Produce a marketing plan to meet EE’s marketing goals and objectives. The extended elements of the marketing mix should be addressed in your marketing plan. (P4,M4)
Executive summary
In this report, the marketing plan of EE limited has been discussed in depth. This report will give an overview of how EE limited is able to apply marketing tactics and strategies to achieve organisational goals and objectives of the company. In this section, the market issues and opportunities are analysed through different tools like swot analysis and internal and external affairs of the company in a better way. This section is divided into parts like Internal and external analysis, company overview, swot analysis, objectives, strategy, STP, Budget
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As per the performances are concerned , EE limited in the year 2015, has delivered 4G network to approach 14 million customers which were achievable target for the company. The customers base was increased by 28.2 % leading the company in attaining market revenue generation in the European province. EE limited as per 2015 records, the total connection of the company grew about 1.8% which constitutes to 31.5 million by the end of the fourth quarter. It has total revenue of £6,311 million with operating revenue as £6,002 million (EE LIMITED, 2016). The above figures clearly depict that EE limited has experienced a robust increase in both revenues and engaged in customer base expansion in the year 2015. As a result, it clarifies that company’s internal management and performance level have consistently worked in the favour of the company resulting in an upward trend in the progress report of the organisation (Nazario & Suleman, 2014). Moreover, the increase in customer base indicates positive impact on the sales and revenues as well as on customer satisfaction. With the services of the company resulting in a rise in customer base, the revenue and sales of the company has reached its highest level over the past few decades. Thus, it can be stated that EE limited has sustained its internal management of the company in obtaining the required goals of the …show more content…
• Expensive pricing schemes for consumers and business users might lose potential customers. Thus there will be a shift in the customer to other rival company.
• Low scope of network coverage in rural areas, as a result, losing revenue and sales from the population in the rural areas (World Market Intelligence, 2014).
• More opportunity to include new variation and innovation in the product portfolio.
• Driving of profit by increased use of Smartphone and internet based devices.
• Opportunity to expand the business to abroad countries.
• Intensified competition from, other competitors like Vodafone, O2, Three, etc.
• The increased popularity of Wi-Fi coverage and expansion and free application services like Whatsapp, Viber , Skype, etc.
The main objectives of the company are to provide customers satisfaction with the delivery of quality product and services. They aim to provide the best network by maintaining the trust and beliefs of the customers with respect to the services delivered. The company is investing around 1.5 million per day to update their services in the best possible manner. By taking initiative for the improvements in the service delivery, the company is trying to satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers thereby making then happy and content with their value added services (Millman, 2015). Therefore, the company’s objective gets fulfilled

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